Monday, April 14, 2008

FILM: Zeta-Jones pulls a Mrs. Robinson

Catherine Zeta-Jones is only 39, but they're already pegging her as "the older woman." Justin Bartha (National Treasure) has just been tapped to play the 25-year-old next door neighbor to this vivacious cougar who doubles as a MILF (Be careful if you decide to google this. lol.) in The Rebound. The romantic comedy will basically do what Michelle Pfeiffer and Paul Rudd have already done in I Could Never be your Woman and Uma Thurman and Bryan Greenberg did before them in Prime--both relatively unsuccessfully. Pfeiffer's film, which I actually enjoyed, went straight to DVD and Thurman's only grossed $23 mil in the states. We'll see if Zeta-Jones can do better than her last romantic dramedy, No Reservations, which only grossed $43 mil in the states.

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