Sunday, March 30, 2008

FILM: "Crank" sequel

Jason Statham may not be a huge worldwide action star, but he does have his own franchises, both Transporter and Crank. While Transporter has a semi-believable plot, where he plays a professional driver who often ends up transporting people who are wanted dead, Crank is a little more far-fetched. In the last film, his character had to keep his heart rate up so that the poison his enemy injected him with would not kill him. A sequel would have to be just as over the top. This time an old Triad member steals his heart and replaces it with a battery-powered one that needs to be consistently...uh, re-cranked with jolts of electricity. In one scene, he rubs against an old lady to get a static charge. This should be as nuts as it sounds.

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