Thursday, March 13, 2008

FILM: Fame Remake + "90210" spinoff

It was bound to happen. After the surprising worldwide success of the dance movies Stomp the Yard ($75 mil), Step Up ($114 mil), and Step Up 2 the Streets ($65 mil), Hollywood has finally tired of creating "original" plots and has resorted to recycling old dance movies. First up is Fame, a film that follows a group of dancers who attend an elite dance school. They will begin open casting on both coasts within the month and shooting will start before Labor Day. This news is coming after the rumors that Footloose is being reimagined as a full-on musical. And they already did a sequel to Dirty Dancing with Diego Luna. What are some dance movies you want remade? Even though Lambada only made $4 mil in 1990, I would totally watch a remake of that. But knowing Hollywood they would probably attempt to butcher Flashdance or Grease, which I've actually heard buzz about.

Speaking of revivals, CW is considering a spinoff of "90210," hopefully not with Shannon Doherty in the lead. I guess since they are doing so well with "Gossip Girl" and are sort of faltering with the newest season of "One Tree Hill," which has lower ratings, they want to invest in another scandalous series that has already proven to be successful. The weirdest part of this news is that Rob Thomas, creator of "Veronica Mars," would be writing. I guess it won't be the same ditzy show it was in the 90s. However, people are wondering if some of these out-of-work actors will be returning. We all know Tori Spelling is chomping at the bit to be in the spotlight. Jennie Garth hasn't done anything major since playing second fiddle to Amanda Bynes in "What I Like About You." Ian Ziering is "busy" hosting the Lifetime channel reality TV series "Your Mama Don't Dance." He just wrapped a UK scifi series called "Biker Mice from Mars," which is about a war between alien mice and cats. (Stop Laughing.) But soon he'll be starring in the movie Baby on Board with Heather Graham and Jerry O'Connell. Brian Austin Green has managed to revamp his career with the short-lived series "Freddie" and his present stint on "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles." Jason Priestly was on a Lifetime channel show, "Side order of Life." Luke Perry was in "John from Cincinnati" until it was cancelled and he's in a lot of straight-to-DVD/TV movies. Tiffani Thiesen co-starred on "What About Brian" and "Fastlane" before both were cancelled. Lindsay Price has hit it big with a new series on NBC "Lipstick Jungle." Vanessa Marcil has also had renewed success on "Las Vegas," but it might be cancelled so this could be a good thing for her. Either way, I hope it's just one of the show's couples with a younger generation of the show that will star, because otherwise it would be overkill.

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