Sunday, March 30, 2008

TV: Elisha Cuthbert moves to TV

You may know this wet dream as Elisha Cuthbert, the object of obsession in The Girl Next Door or the beautiful punching bag in House of Wax and "24," but not really for much more. Since she can't dominate the big screen, it's only natural that she'd try to get her own show. CBS offered her the leading role in a romantic dramedy called "Ny-Lon" as Edie, "a New York literacy teacher/record store clerk," who falls for a London stock broker and tries to maintain an overseas relationship with him.

While we're on the subject of romantic CBS pilots, newcomer Rachel Boston ("American Dreams"), will co-star in "Mythological," a story based on an Israeli series about a woman who goes to a psychic and learns that she's already dated the man she's supposed to marry. Naturally, she decides to search for him, sort of in the vein of "How I Met Your Mother," unaware of which guy is the perfect match. Boston will play the lead's feisty little sister.

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