Monday, March 24, 2008

TV: Gossip Girl's Chuck coming out of the closet?

At the Paley Center conference, the cast of "Gossip Girl" announced that one of the boys will be coming out of the closet when it returns April 21st. My money is on Chuck. Honestly, the way that Nate and Dan pine after Serena, it's highly unlikely that it's either of them--even though Dan was bisexual in the books. However, Chuck shows--at times--a peculiar attachment to Nate. It's a whole different level of guy love. Of course, I may be jumping the gun here. After all, Serena's little brother Eric does seem a little feminine sometimes...actually, all the time.

+ There are plans to make Vanessa more of a fleshed out character with her own life and not just a tag-along for Dan and Serena.

+ Blair's minions, tentatively known as the Asian girl (Kati) and the black girl (Isabel), will no longer be a twosome. The actor that plays Kati went off to Brown University, so Isabel's going to have to lead the evil squadron on her own.

+ There are five episodes left and it'll end with a wedding. We're expecting one between Lily and the evil Bart Bass, but who knows who will get hitched.

+ There was speculation that Nate would start dating Jenny, but since he's 8 years older than she is in real life, that would be a resounding NO! They supposedly have a brother-sister relationship. Whatever! She already has a brother. Screw that.

+ Needless to say, Blair and Jenny will be going to war and Chuck will be actively playing the annoying brother to Serena.

+ Originally Ed Westwick (Chuck) auditioned for both his role and the role of Nate, and he did it both in his real accent (British) and an American accent. Can you imagine Westwick as Nate?

+ Jessica Szohr (Vanessa) got the part when she crashed Josh Schwartz's barbecue. He saw her and knew immediately that it was Vanessa. Wow, she's even a nuisance in real life.

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