Wednesday, March 19, 2008

TV: Michelle Trachtenberg on "Gossip Girl"

Last month, I told you that Mischa Barton was offered a role in "Gossip Girl," but turned it down. The producers, of course, denied it and said they never offered her the role. Then rumors floated around that Mischa and her publicist had spread the rumor to make it seem like she was in demand.

Either way, the part that Mischa was allegedly offered has officially went to Michelle Trachtenberg ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer"), who returns to the WB/CW after starring in Eurotrip and Mysterious Skin, and guest-starring in "Six Feet Under."

The part she'll play is of a teen socialite named Georgina Sparks who used to be Serena's booze buddy and general enabler. After she gets sent to rehab, she returns to Manhattan and starts to wriggle her way back into Serena's life, stirring things up. This could of course mean a number of things. Last we saw the gossip girls, Blair was no longer the Queen B and she was looking for revenge against Jenny. Serena had solidified her relationship with Dan by making sweet sweet love to him. Chuck had officially rejected Blair, and Nate had officially rejected them both. Georgina's entrance could mean a new love interest for either boys, a new rival for both Blair and Jenny, or even a new wedge--since Blair's waved her white flag--between Serena and Dan. Either way, it's sure to be scandalous. Hopefully fans won't turn on her like they did Vanessa.

2008 will surely be a reboot for Trachtenberg's career. Not only will she be co-starring with Topher Grace and Anna Faris (Just Friends) in the comedy Kids In America, but she'll be playing Zac Efron's love interest alongside Matthew Perry and Leslie Mann (Knocked Up) in Seventeen Again.

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