Thursday, March 13, 2008

TV: "Smallville" Spoilers

Although "Smallville" has been renewed for next season, there will be a few cast changes. I've already informed you that Kristin Kreuk, who plays Lana, has scored the lead role in Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li. But TV Guide is reporting that both the characters Lana and Lex (Michael Rosenbaum) will most likely only appear for half of the new season or none of it. Last I remember before the strike happened, Lana and Clark were on the rocks and Clark vowed to make more of an effort to be Lex's friend. It made sense that eventually Lana would be out of the picture, since Superman ends up with Lois Lane, and even if Lex is not in the picture, he's still a force to fear. But there's rumors that they'll be introducing a character from the comic book Superman's past to the show, Lori Lemaris. (Is it weird that all of his love interests have the initials L.L.? Well actually, so do his enemies. Whatever.)

In the comic books, Lori is a mermaid who hides her identity by covering up in a wheelchair and telepathically discovers Clark's identity. They fall in love and he proposes marriage, but she declines since they are from two different worlds. In another series from the 80s, she is on a quest to find other cities of Atlantis and Clark introduces her to Aquaman, who happens to have been a native of one of those cities. In the 90s, she had sort of the Splash effect, magically altered so that she was human when dry and mermaid when wet, but her feet never touched the ground. She floated above it. They'll probably pick and choose which parts of this legend will be the best for this series, but I hope they do the Splash version without the floating or the Aquaman-hookup. I guess we'll see when it returns.

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