Sunday, April 20, 2008

NYC COMIC CON 08: Chronicles of Narnia & Wall-E

Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
+ The only news I gathered from the convention was that the creator is already set on "Voyage of the Dawn Treader" and would like to do "The Silver Chair" next.
+ Oh, and he also implied that two of the main characters die, because he said that they wouldn't be back again.

Here are 3 video snippets of the interview:

Ben Barnes talks about his character and the first scene he shot.

William Moseley talks about the stunts that he had to do for the film and what lengths he went to do them himself.

William talks about having fun with the action aspect of the movie. He describes it with an American word "gnarly" and Peter Dinklage, who'll play Trumpkin, informs him that that is an 80s American word.

Wall - E
+ He's all alone on the planet, but his best friend is a cockroach and his name is Al.
+ It has a sort of a Robinson Crusoe influence.
+ He falls in love with another robot called Eve. There's probably some sort of biblical meaning, behind that. The last two "people" on the earth being a male and a female similar to how earth's history religiously began.
+ Eve and Wall-E are polar opposites of each other and of the stereotypes men and women usually have. Eve is gun-happy, brutish, clumsy, clunky, while at the same time beautiful, intelligent, and at times graceful. Meanwhile, Wall-E has a childlike curiosity, romanticism (favorite movie--only movie he could find--is Hello, Dolly), easily frightened, and grimey.
+ Sigourney Weaver voices a mother robot. The creator wanted the icon of Alien to voice a mother, instead of fight one as a tongue-in-cheek nod to her role.
+ I don't think there are any words in the movie. All three clips they showed had a sort of R2D2 sound effects with a few audible words. It'll have kids talking robot.
+ My favorite part of the clips was when Wall-E sneaks onto Eve's ship and he encounters a robot-cleaner who finds Wall-E to be disgusting because he's so dirty and rusty. Everytime Wall-E takes a step, the machine cleans it up. So Wall-E messes with him, purposefully smudging the ground to watch him clean it, and ultimately he smudges the robot cleaner. The entire audience erupted in laughter.
+ If you're unsure if you want to see it, think of it this way: It's like following R2D2 on his own heroic journey.

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