Sunday, April 20, 2008

NYC COMIC CON 08: Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Robot Chicken, Dark Knight, & The Spirit

Star Wars & Indiana Jones
They showed footage from the new video games that are coming out soon and from the new movie The Clone Wars that'll be a series in the Fall. It looks very realistic and he's still pushing the bar with the creatures and the fight scenes. The Indiana Jones video game makes the characters look like lego men, which is so cool.

Robot Chicken
Seth Green and Matthew Senreich, his business partner and collaborator, talked about how they got the idea for the show and how they first met.

Seth talks about how he got a call from George Lucas's people and was given the ok to make a 30 min robot chicken star wars episode.

Seth talks about George's first take when he did voice overs for a stop motion version of himself that appears in "Robot Chicken." The first part is cut off, but Seth was just saying that George said he knew what he was doing, which caught Seth off-guard comically.

The Dark Knight
They surprised everyone with a new trailer that will be out in theaters in two weeks. They wouldn't allow me to record it and asked nicely if we didn't spoil what happens in it. But I'll just say a few things that I don't really think are spoilers but are juicy enough.
1) One of Harvey Dent's (Aaron Eckhart) lines aimed at Bruce Wayne is: "You either die a hero or live long enough to kill the villain." Take that for what it's worth.
2) As you may know, Harvey Dent is destined to become the legendary Two-Face, and I believe I caught a glimpse of Dent's face being shoved into the ground as a liquid seeped towards him. Either he was getting drowned or his face was about to be burnt to its Two-Face appearance. So maybe the movie will end with the destruction of one villain and the creation of a new one.
3) The late Heath Ledger doesn't sound at all like himself or any character he's ever played when he's speaking the Joker's lines. He sounds very old school cops-and-robbers. I wonder, can you give an Oscar to a dead person?

The Spirit
All I have to say for this comic-to-film adaptation is that 1) he doesn't use guns, yet 2) he reminds me of Dick Tracy.

Lastly, the Sci Fi channel announced that they have a new pilot called "Superbia." The concept is: what if the Justic League moved to Wisteria Lane? It's sort of a gated community for superheroes. Hmmm.

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