Wednesday, April 16, 2008

TRAILER: "Meet Dave": Honey I Shrunk Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy hasn't exactly been a box office favorite lately unless he's playing a jackass (Shrek). Norbit bombed pretty badly with the critics. And now he has the summer offering Meet Dave, where he plays the captain of an alien ship that's in the form of a human being. He and his crew are trying to save their planet, but they get side-tracked when the ship falls in love with a human played by Elizabeth Banks (Definitely, Maybe). The film itself actually looks like the spawn of Honey, I Shrunk the New York City. I tried to laugh as much as I could, but honestly the only part that made me burst was when the ship kicks a cat (back off PETA) and Gabrielle Union (poor girl) slaps the back of Murphy's head and acts gangsta. See if it can make you laugh more:

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