Wednesday, April 30, 2008

TV: "Gossip Girl" - Is Eric or Serena Gay?

Perez posted a spoiler yesterday that suggested that Georgina isn't a frenemy but a jealous lover--making Serena bisexual. So is the huge coming out party for Eric, her little bro who is supposed to be caught making out with Jenny's new Upper West Side bo Asher, or Serena?

The forums on other sites have reminded me that the secret Georgina has over Serena could get her in trouble with the law, so I doubt her sexuality is really the issue. However, some other poster suggested that she could've made a porno with Georgina, which would definitely be something to hide.

On other news, while some die-hard GG readers have said that the identity of GG will never be revealed, several sites are saying that it's Eric. Who do you think it is?

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  1. It can't be Eric. how did he find out about so much stuff when he was in the hospital. Did gossip girl end when he tried to kill himself it would have been a dead give away