Thursday, May 01, 2008

CAST WHO?: Adventures in the Land of Zametherea

The fantasy comedy script Adventures in the Land of Zametherea is going into production soon, and it follows a man who was committed as a child for telling his parents that he traveled to a magical land. As a result, he grew up to be a "hard-charging, cold-hearted investment banker." Then threw a twist of fate, he discovers that his magical land is in danger, so he seeks the help of his estranged 10-year-old son to help him save it.

Let's see...a male actor who can play an asshole in the big city as well as a goofy fish-out-of-water in a magical land? When people hear goofy, their minds immediately think of Will Ferrell, but I can never take him seriously as "cold-hearted." Playing a douche might be easy for Ryan Gosling, who is due for some lighter fair, but I don't think he's that amusing. Brendan Fraser is presently promoting Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D. He will be promoting The Mummy sequel this summer, and in the beginning of January he'll be pushing yet another adventure tale called Inkheart, so maybe he should take a break before he gets pigeonholed. You know who really needs a career-boost? Ryan Reynolds. He is capable of seamlessly transitioning from prick to clown.

Who do you think should be cast?

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