Saturday, May 03, 2008

CAST WHO?: "The Dangerous Days of Daniel X" adaptation

James Patterson's The Dangerous Days of Daniel X will be adapted into a film. The novel is about a boy who learns that it's his destiny to be the next Alien Hunter, a sentinel "bequeathed with the List of hidden alien outlaws living and lurking on Earth in disguise. His father had the title of Alien Hunter until #1 on the List, The Prayer, killed him and Lee's mother in cold blood. Lee was just 3. Ever since then, his supreme abilities--like being able to change shape and conjure up his long-dead parents out of thin-air--have gotten him through life, not to mention countless battles with aliens that roam the earth, hunting humans as part of an inter-planetary game. Next on the list is #6, Ergent Seth, alternately a horribly crude, grotesque horse-headed creature and a pretentious Hollywood film director/producer. Lee's quest to search and destroy #6 leads him right into the arms of super-cute Sarah Wilson--and a deadly trap that takes him to Ergent Seth's spacecraft. It's heading for a place beyond Lee's comprehension: His home planet. For Lee is an alien too, after all. And it turns out the earth, his adopted home, isn't the only planet that needs to be saved."

No one's attached just yet, but I'm eager to find out which teen/teen-looking star they'll trust with this potential saga. There aren't many in the business and I'm honestly worried that they're just throwing everythinig at Zac Efron. The other options haven't exactly been very profitable and depending on how campy or dark the film is will define the quality of actor they can cast. There's Ed Speelers (Eragon), Michael Angarano (Forbidden Kingdom), Emile Hirsch, Michael Cera, Ryan Kelley (Mean Creek), Shawn Pyfrom ("Desperate Housewives"), Alex Pettyfer (Stormbreaker), Max Thieriot (Jumper), and John Robinson (Lords of Dogtown). Did I miss anyone you think could be in the running?

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