Sunday, May 04, 2008

FILM: Another "X-Men" Spinoff

Josh Schwartz, the producer/creator of "The O.C.," "Gossip Girl," and "Chuck," plans on producing his own X-Men spinoff film. It'll focus on the teenage characters who go to the Xavier Institute, like Kitty, the invisible girl who was played by Ellen Page in X-Men: The Last Stand, Iceman, and Rogue. There's no word yet if he'll be using the same actors or if he'll stick to super obscure characters, but Schwartz was pretty vocal on his opinions of other comic adaptations: "The Hulk looks like it's going to be terrible... [Brett Ratner] didn't have a lot of credibility going in to the third X-Men movie... Bryan Singer got a free pass on Superman Returns because of his work on X-Men." We'll see if he can do better. He's pretty good with creating scandalous content, but comic fans are a little harder to please than teenager girls.

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