Sunday, May 25, 2008

FILM: Box Office Results - 5/23/08

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull ruled the box office this weekend and will continue to do so until everyone's 3-day vacay is over and done with. Coming in at #1 with $126 mil, it's official...Indie's still got it. Prince Caspian slid down to #2 with a sizeable $91 mil--almost half way to recouping its budget. Iron Man continues to break records, taking #3 and reaching $252 mil in its 4th week domestically and $207 mil internationally. What Happens in Vegas is still a solid contender as the only non-action movie in the top 5, coming in at #4 with $54 mil. Meanwhile, Speed Racer lags behind in the summer blockbuster competition at #5 with only $36 mil domestically and $24 mil internationally in its 3rd week--nearly half of its budget.

The other four comedies in theaters are slowly edging their way out of the top 10. At #6, Made of Honor reaches $39 mil in its 4th week. At #7, Baby Mama reaches $52 mil in its #5 week. At #8, Forgetting Sarah Marshall reaches $58 mil in its 6th week. And at #8, Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay shames the pot community, barely reaching $36 mil in its 5th week. Lastly, trekking along for the indie community, the heartwarming drama The Visitor nests at #10 with $4.4 mil in its 7th week.

As for the other new releases: The poorly reviewed Children of Huang Shi made $47,900 in 7 US theaters and about $2 mil overseas, while the equally debased dark comedy War, Inc. made $36,500 in 2 US theaters.

Next weekend, Indiana will have to contend with the lovely ladies of New York when Sex in the City hits theaters. Horror fanatics will be appeased with The Strangers and those looking for substance can be sustained with Julianne Moore's Saving Grace.

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