Thursday, May 08, 2008

FILM: G.I. Joe Cast

I know most of you only think of G.I. Joe as an action figure, but it has been a comic, TV series, and a video game. In 2009, it'll be a full fledged action film directed by Stephen Sommers (Van Helsing and The Scorpion King) and written by Stuart Beattie (Pirates of the Caribbean) and Skip Woods (Swordfish).

The title is actually an acronym for Global Integrated Joint Operating Entity--quite the mouthful--an elite team that has to face off with a Scottish arms dealer, Destro (Christopher Eccleston from The Seeker: The Dark is Rising), and his crew Cobra. Channing Tatum (Step Up) plays Duke, the field leader. Check out the rest of the cast on EW.

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