Friday, May 30, 2008

FILM: New in Theaters - 5/30/08

Like last week, it's a no brainer as to what new movie everybody will be seeing. The much anticipated Sex in the City: The Movie will have females everywhere lining up for cosmos before and after they hit theaters. The ladies of New York have returned and their followers are getting nostalgic.

But for those unfamiliar with the TV show (Netflix it and call in sick!), there are two other options. You could crap your pants watching The Strangers, a horror flick about a couple (Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman) who are terrorized by masked...strangers while they vacation in a lodge--that's right, in the middle of the woods, which is to say in the middle of nowhere. It's rated R, so I'm pretty certain there will be some bloody deaths. If that's your thing, watch the trailer...on youtube.

Then there's the indie drama Savage Grace, an adaptation of Natalie Robins' novel that tells the tumultuous true story of the Barbara Daly Baekeland murder case. There's betrayal, incest, and nervous breakdowns galore--should make for an interesting evening. Starring are Julianne Moore, Stephen Dillane ("John Adams"), Hugh Dancy, and the British newcomer Eddie Redmayne (The Other Boleyn Girl). Watch the trailer to become intrigued:

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