Thursday, May 01, 2008

TRAILER: Swing Vote - One man chooses our President

I'm not really a fan of political social commentaries--despite the fact that May's issue of GQ claims that Harold & Kumar is one--but after glimpsing Robin Williams's Man of the Year (2006), I don't think you can blame me. However, after seeing the trailer for Kevin Costner's next film Swing Vote, where he plays a redneck whose electronic vote for the presidential race created an error prompting the government to ask him to re-vote, I might change my mind. Unfortunately, his vote will be a tie breaker, which means that the candidates need to woo him while the media trails his ignorance everywhere he goes. Not only is it pretty funny, but I'm actually interested in seeing how this plays out. What happens when the decision comes down to one guy from Middle America? What happens when the candidates have to lay down all their cards to one guy? How far will they go to become the President of the United States? Watch the trailer:

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