Thursday, May 08, 2008

TV: Katherine Heigl bailing on "Grey's Anatomy"

Katherine Heigl was once a voluptuous young starlet. In fact, if she broke out onto the scene during this decade, she'd probably be the next Lindsay Lohan--perhaps, minus the scandal. Her official breakout role was in the WB series "Roswell," which tanked after 3 years. Lucky for her, she got another shot at stardom in 2005 when she joined the ensemble cast of "Grey's Anatomy" as the quirky yet gorgeous Izzie. Ever since, she's been adored by the masses for being so relatable, frantic, and unapologetic about her beauty. She won an Emmy and a People's Choice Award, and has been nominated for Golden Globes. Even studio execs have taken notice, casting her in last year's Knocked Up, which grossed $148 mil, and in a leading role in this year's 27 dresses. Despite the fact that the film was poorly reviewed, it managed to make $76 mil.

Unfortunately, because of her newfound success, Heigl's decided to attack the movie industry full-force and has asked to be let out of her contract with ABC. While it's unlikely to happen, Heigl's still holding onto the dream, presently shooting The Ugly Truth with Gerard Butler (P.S. I Love You).

Do you think Izzie/Heigl is an integral part of the show and should be bribed/forced to stay?

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