Friday, May 02, 2008

TV SPOILER: Gossip Girl - Serena's dirty little secret

First off, after reading that next week's coming-out-of-the-closet episode is called “All About My Brother,” I think it's obvious that Eric will be the one outted. But there are reports that on May 12th's episode, the second to last (yikes!), someone overdoses, which brings me to the major Serena secret.


Since I've seen this on a reliable site that's been right several times before, I think it's safe to report that Serena's secret is that she and Georgina were caught on camera doing drugs, while one of their fellow drug-abusers OD'ed, and then they left them there to die. That explains why Georgie told S, "It's not like you walked in on it," and "It was just as much me as it was you," and why S wouldn't want anyone knowing. What would Dan think of her if he knew she let someone die? Well, he nearly had a conniption when he thought she paid a red head to take the SATs for her. The only problem with this juicy secret is that irresponsible negligent murder was already addressed on the series when they had that illegal pool party and a guy almost drowned. Then there's the fact that in the previews Serena says that she can't tell Blair "especially." What does that mean? It's not like B has morals. Did she accidentally kill one of B's friends? Wait...B has friends?

ANOTHER SPOILER: Earlier this week, I prayed that Blair would butt in and bring Georgina down and I just might get my wish. I really don't want to spoil anymore plot points and I'm vowing that this'll be my last spoiler post about the show, so if you want to know the very few minute details about Blair's tactics, then click here.

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