Tuesday, May 06, 2008

VIDEO: Robyn's "Bum Like You"

I've been loving Swedish pop singer Robyn all year and she's best known for her quirky videos. She has one for "Cobrastyle", where she's playing strip poker with an ever-changing circle of people (including Perez) and the camera shoots from directly above. No multiple locations--just a fast-forwarded card game. Her latest for "Bum like you," of which the chorus is "My new favorite thing to do/is wasting my time/on a bum/like you," is shot in a Granger, Texas where the old folks two-step and mosey and whatever else they do in Southern towns while she performs live. It's pretty entertaining:

Also check out her performance of "Cobrastyle," a cover of a Teddybear track, on Letterman last night. It's like Reggae mixed with Techno. Craziness:

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