Sunday, June 15, 2008

FILM: Box Office Results - 6/13/08

Probably to almost everyone's surprise Kung Fu Panda forfeited the #1 spot to The Incredible Hulk. The green super hero not only impressed the critics more than 2003's Hulk, but it opened with $54 mil, a third of its budget--not too shabby. Meanwhile, that lovable Panda slid to #2 with $118 mil in just its second week. The Happening opened at #3 with $30.5 mil. While most critics tore through M. Night Shymalan's attempt at an eco-conscious horror thriller, The New York Times credited Mark Wahlberg with a "solid lead performance." You Don't Mess with the Zohan managed to stick around in the top 5 at #4 in its second week with $69 mil. After a month in theaters, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull rests at #5 with $603 mil worldwide. Coming in at #6 is Sex and the City with $213 mil worldwide. Iron Man is at #7 with $545 mil worldwide after seven weeks. The Strangers dropped to #8 after its third week with a sizable $45 mil. While What Happens in Vegas is on the way out of the top 10 with an impressive $185 mil worldwide after six weeks, Prince Caspian teeters at #9 with $233 mil worlwide, barely making a profit after its $200 mil budget. Baby Mama exits the top 10 with $59 mil and the indie The Visitor retires with close to $7 mil.

Next week, you can look forward to Steve Carrell making an ass out of himself, yet again, in the ironically titled Get Smart, and Mike Myers returns to starring in live action films with The Love Guru after six years of animated gigs. Lastly, the kid-oriented indie Kit Kittredge: An American Girl will compete with Kung Fu Panda.

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