Wednesday, June 25, 2008

FILM: School of Rock Sequel

It's rumored that Mike White has just finished writing the sequel to School of Rock. Great timing, since teenagers are currently obsessed with music-centered films from Disney's Camp Rock to the several incarnations of Step Up-type movies.
[It's too bad the title Camp Rock is already taken.]

While Jack Black was pretty amusing in High Fidelity, not many people worship that movie for his particular performance. And while 2001's Shallow Hal was his first lead role, it wasn't until 2003's School of Rock that the 38-year-old actor could declare that he had officially made it. The man is capable of putting on a leotard in the middle of Mexico, declaring himself a luchador in Nacho Libre, and still make $99 mil worldwide. So why not return to the character that started it all.

The question is: what will it be about? Besides Miranda Cosgrove, who played the annoying band manager and has since scored her own Nickelodeon series, "iCarly," the musically gifted child actors that starred in the film have grown up, failed to acquire steady work or moved onto other professional ambitions. So, it would be cool if Black's character ran his own music school and has to teach an assortment of troubled students, like the untalented child of a real rock star, a tone deaf kid, an injured athlete who has to resort to another after school activity, a child with ADD, or someone who's blind.

Update: The film is subtitled "America Rocks" and it will follow Black as he goes on a cross-country road trip with his summer school students to teach them about the history of rock 'n' roll, as well as the roots of blues, rap, country and other genres. Sounds awesome!

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