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TV: Summer 2008 Season Shows

In a time when Joey Fatone is hosting not one, but two reality shows ("The Singing Office" and "Celebrity Circus"), viewers really have to consider whether or not they should subscribe to Netflix this summer. While you could be renting/purchasing the first seasons of such amazing shows as "Mad Men," "Burn Notice," "Californication," and even "Lipstick Jungle," maybe you would prefer watching something live on TV this season and--most importantly--scripted.


In Plain Sight (USA- 10 PM)
Plot: A tomboyish U.S. Marshall handles witness protection cases while juggling her personal life.
Verdict: I cut out after the first half of the premiere because I couldn't get a sense of who she was and the story was rather boring, but if you love slow-going police procedurals, you might enjoy it.
Cast: Mary McCormack ("The West Wing"), theater geek Fred Weller, Nichole Hiltz ("The Riches"), and Cristian de la Fuente (injured himself this season on "Dancing with the Stars").
Producer: David Maples ("Huff")

Swingtown (CBS - 10 PM)
Plot: It's the 70s, when your folks were feeling randy. They brought a decidely controversial meaning to the sexual revolution. They not only explored their gender preferences, but the amount of partners they'd like to interact with in the room--nothing was sacred, especially not marriage. Tumultuous relationships, drug addictions, and sexual curiosity make for a scandalous drama.
Verdict: For a show that looks more suited to Showtime, it'll be interesting to see whether or not CBS viewers will tune in for the raunchy drama.
Cast: Couples: Jack Davenport (Pirates of the Caribbean), Molly Parker ("Deadwood"), Lana Parilla ("24"), Grant Show ("Point Pleasant"), Miriam Shor ("Big Day"), Josh Hopkins ("Pepper Dennis"). The young ones consist of: Brittany Robertson (who was great in Dan in Real Life) and newcomer Aaron Christian Howles.
Producer: Mike Kelley ("One Tree Hill," "The O.C.," "Jericho")

Fear Itself (NBC - 10 PM) - Watch Promo and Clip!
Plot: It's basically like the "Tales from the Crypt" with different characters and horror stories written by different horror writers every week.
Verdict: It won't be slim on gore, but will it scare up an audience during such a carefree season? Maybe some of its actors will lure in viewers.
Cast: Eric Roberts and Cynthia Watros ("Lost"); Shiri Appelby ("Roswell") and Brandon Routh (Superman Returns); Colin Ferguson ("Eureka"); Jeffrey Pierce ("The Nine"); Rachel Miner ("Californication") and Jesse Plemons ("Friday Night Lights"); Maggie Lawson ("Psych") and James Roday ("Psych"); Briana Evigan (Step Up 2 the Streets); and many more.
Producer: Keith Addis ("Masters of Horror")
Writers: Mick Garris (Riding the Bullet), Daniel Knauf ("Supernatural" "Carnivale"), etc.
Directors: Breck Eisner ("Taken"), Ronny Yu (Freddy vs. Jason and Bride of Chucky), etc.

Secret Diary of a Call Girl (Showtime - 10:30 PM)
Plot: The series is based on the anonymous blog of Belle du Jour, a real life London hooker. It'll be a sultry drama that chronicles her line of work.
Verdict: After the popularity of HBO's "Tell Me You Love Me" and the present success of Sex and the City in theaters, sex is definitely on everybody's mine. Maybe this summer, it'll be on everyone's TV too.
Cast: Billie Piper ("Doctor Who") and Israeli newcomer Iddo Goldberg.
Producer: newcomer Lucy Prebble

Generation Kill (HBO - 9:00 PM)
Plot: The story follows some of the first Marines who were sent to Iraq.
Verdict: The producers have a good rep, so maybe their fans will give the pilot a shot.
Cast: Kellan Lutz ("The Comeback"), James Ranson (Prom Night), Jon Huertas, and Alexander Skarsgard.
Producer: "The Wire" writers David Simon and Ed Burns

Cleaner (A&E - 10:00 PM)
Plot: A former heroin junkie becomes an extreme interventionist (Benjamin Bratt) who goes to great lengths to get people to quit their addictions, from drugs to anorexia to even nymphomania.
Verdict: People like over-the-top antics, but how long can they keep it up?
Cast: Benjamin Bratt ("The Andromeda Strain") and Grace Park ("Battlestar Galactica").
Producer: Jonathan Price ("Cane") and Robert Munic.


The Bill Engvall Show (TBS - 9 PM)

My Boys (TBS · 9:30 PM)
This season: Word is that whoever boarded the plane to accompany PJ (Jordana Spiro) to Italy isn't who we think. I actually can't remember who I thought it was, since it was so long ago. I like Bobby (Kyle Howard) so much, I wish it was him. But apparently, he's headed down the altar this season and I don't think it's with PJ. Although, I'm sure her brother Andy (Jim Gaffigan) will have a lot of advice to give him as the desginated married man of the group, especially since he gains a "work wife" (Nia Vardalos of My Big Fat Greek Wedding) when he sells his soul and joins a corporate law firm. While Bobby may have found the one, it seems Kenny (Michael Bunin) will no longer be making up girlfriends, since he'll supposedly be beating them off with a Mike's (Jamie Kaler) dismay. And while Brendan (Reid Scott) will be mourning his sudden unemployment, Stephanie (Kellee Stewart) will be rejoicing about her best selling book.

Weeds (Showtime · 10 PM)
This season: Nancy moves near the Mexican border, where she starts to work with large amounts of drugs, and her brother-in-law Andy will get Doug to help him traffic illegals across the border. Supposedly the show's writers wanted to poke at America's immigrant issue during this election year. Nancy will also make new friends, since Conrad and Heylia will no longer be apart of the show.

Burn Notice (USA · 10 PM)
This season: Tricia Helfer ("Battlestar Galactica") will join the cast and spice things up.

The Closer (TNT - 9PM)

Saving Grace (TNT - 10PM)

Monk (USA - 9PM)
This season: The cast suffered a loss when Stanley Kamel, who played Monk's psychiatrist, died from a heart attack this year. Hector Elizondo (Princess Diaries) will be playing Monk's new psychiatrist, which he picked because his name is a palindrome, Dr. Neven Bell. However, being Monk he has to point out that it isn't a perfect palindrome, because of the capital. (I should probably be worried that the same thought came to my mind when I saw the name.) Some plot points include Monk becoming obsessed with the lotto, buying a house, meeting his half brother, being trapped on a submarine, and--on the Sept. 5th 1ooth episode--a Dateline-type show taking over the direction of the episode to profile him.

Pysch (USA - 10PM)

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