Monday, July 28, 2008

EVENT: More Comic Con 2008 News

RACE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN (Stars Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson)
+ There are "car chases (one involving a train), UFOs, an alien warrior in a Syphon suit, and stern Government enforcers chasing after our heroes."
+ The original child actors of the film, Kim Richards and Ike Eisenmann, will play supporting roles.

+ There will be "opening credits showing the passage of time between the Minutemen (50's, 60's) through to the present day action (1985)."
+ A scene of "the second Silk Spectre and Nite Owl kissing whilst a giant nuclear explosion in the background expands outwards towards them."
+ "...Aside from the Mars scenes, they didn't shoot much green screen at all..."
+ "Jeffrey Dean Morgan ("Grey's Anatomy") admitted that the rape scene with Sally Jupiter ended up being one of the more memorable and difficult scenes to film."
+ "Matthew Goode talked about his character background and revealed that while the public persona of Ozymandias speaks with a straight American accent, in the private scenes he talks with a slight German tinge."

+ Footage of "some quite grisly and bloody scenes such as one man being pulled into an empty grave and torn apart."
+ "We see Anthony Hopkins as his father who obviously knows what's going on, a bearded Hugo Weaving (Lord of the Rings) obviously on the hunt for the creature, and Emily Blunt as his love interest who in one scene is hiding against a tree as the creature runs past in the background."

+ They used a new type of super-speed camera that simulates swimming under water for some of Eva Mendes' scenes.
+ "Samuel L. Jackson revealed that the size of the guns of his villainous Octopus character grows larger each time he shows up, meaning that by the end they were so ridiculously huge they had to be custom built by hand."
+ "Louis Lombardi (Edgar from "24") plays the Octopus' henchmen who all come from clones. Thus they have limited intelligence and, like South Park's Kenny, are killed in various elaborate ways throughout the film."
+ "The film's time is not distinct - the 40's style outfits are mixed with cell phones."

+ Kevin Smith "confirms that he's pretty much done with the Askew-universe films and his characters Jay & Silent Bob for now."
+ "He ducked a question about his horror flick Red State but dropped the fact that he may do a 'space movie' shortly."
+ A scene was showed of "the titular couple at a high school reunion where Miri (Elizabeth Banks) is hitting quite obscenely on an old flame of hers Bobby Long (Brandon Routh) while Zack (Seth Rogen) is talking to a young guy (Justin Long) whom we find out to be not only a gay porn star (he stars in "Shut Your Mouth Before I F**k It") but the lover of Bobby and the pair graphically make out."

+ In a scene, Christian "Bale threatens 'If I let you down, you’ll kill everyone in this room' at a chained up version of [Sam] Worthington's character. He responds 'Not everyone... just you' in a toned down Aussie accent that's been slightly altered to sound robotic."
+ "The money shot had Connor lying on a metallic floor, steam issuing all around, shouting you 'son of a bitch' to what looks like a metal T-800 arm which starts digging into his face. Earlier in the clip Bale yells 'You tried to kill my mother, you killed my father, you will not kill me.'"
+ Bryce Dallas Howard (Spider-Man 3) plays "John's wife (a 'Bonnie to his Clyde' says [director] McG), and gets to do the single-handed pump action shotgun trick of Linda Hamilton from the previous films."
+ "...This is a reboot ala Batman Begins rather than a direct sequel and thus the mythology's continuity may change a little. This is evoked in a line from the footage where Bale says 'This is not the future my mother told me about… something has changed' to which Kate responds 'If you saved us once in another future you can save us in this one.'"
+ The film will end with a cliff hanger.
+ "The Dark Knight co-writer Jonah Nolan has come onboard and done some major rewrites on the script, so much so that he may get sole WGA credit at the end."
+ The next trailer will be attached to Quantum of Solace on November 7th.

+ "A Rousseau-themed story will happen next year and Mira Furlan is set to reprise her role despite her apparent death last year, and it will NOT be a flashback episode."
+ "We'll get more of the history of Richard Alpert (Nestor Carbonell) next season, including an estimate of his age."
+ "Daniel Faraday (Jeremy Davies), last seen on a boat off of the island just before it moved, will be back but his fellow boat riders have less rosy fates. His notebook will also play a key part."
+ "Sawyer and Kate will 'see each other again' but they seem bent on Kate and Jack ultimately ending up together."


On the heels of the news that the crowds of Comic Con booed at the thought of Ben Affleck playing Captain America, there's buzz about John Barrowman ("Torchwood") being in talks to star in The First Avenger: Captain America.

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