Monday, July 21, 2008

FILM: Tom Cruise's "Top Gun" Sequel

Apparently Tom Cruise really needs a comeback quick. His war film, Valkyrie, has been pushed back too many times for it to be taken seriously and if his cameo in the upcoming Tropic Thunder is as hilarious as people are saying, maybe his buddy flick with Ben Stiller, Hardy Men, won't bomb. Just in case, though, he's already lined up a sequel to Top Gun.

In the original, fighter pilots compete to be the best in their class, and Cruise falls for his teacher. Twenty two years later, he'll play the teacher romancing one of his students. I guess that relationship didn't work out and now he's a cradle robber, because I can't imagine that his student is in her 40s. The only thing that could make this film worsebetter is if Katie Holmes was the girl he was trying to seduce. I'd watch that just like I watched Gigli--just to see his career burn to the ground.
But on a serious note, wouldn't it be great if a woman who at least appeared mature enough to date him were cast? Like instead of Megan Fox (Transformers) or Olivia Wilde ("House"), how about, say, Lauren Graham ("Gilmore Girls"), Rose Byrne ("Damages") or...ooohhhhh Evangeline Lily!!!! She is totally badass and pulls off that girly tomboy bit effortlessly. But if you have to cast a young girl, please--I beg of you--please don't cast Jessica Simpson--no matter how good she looks rocking all-American gear!

Are you excited about the sequel?

Update: Tom won't be in the lead and he'll probably be demoted to a cameo.

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