Thursday, July 24, 2008

FILM: "Y: The Last Man" = Shia's next Trilogy?

Just as Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra's Y: The Last Man comic comes to an end, fans of the series get the good news that it'll be adapted into a film.

In the comic, every living thing on Earth that possesses a Y-chromosome dies simultaneously from a mysterious epidemic--even sperm--except for two: a man named Yorrick and his monkey Ampersand. Trudging through this dystopia, he searches for his girlfriend Beth who he was proposing to on the phone when the plague hit. Meanwhile, the women of the world attempt to create order out of this newfound chaos and restructure their society. Several perspectives of how they are coping with the loss of their men are showcased, from a heightened feminism that celebrates the purging of those poisonous seeds to an eruption of male impersonators that fulfill their desires. Ultimately, they do discover that Yorrick exists and what they intend on doing with him is what's most interesting.

D.J. Caruso plans on making it a trilogy. While some fans might be disappointed to learn that he'll be downplaying the Beth character, they'll probably be happy to know that he's working hard to translate the relationship between Yorrick and his president-appointed bodyguard, Agent 355.

You might recall that Caruso is the guy who cast Shia LaBeouf in the suspense thriller Disturbia last year, introducing him to Steven Spielberg and launching his career. You might also remember that the two joined up once again for yet another thriller called Eagle Eye that hits theaters in September. Now, they say that if an event happens twice, it's a coincidence. But if it happens three times, it's a trend. I was willing to bet that LaBeouf was becoming to Caruso what DiCaprio has become to Scorsese, and if I had made that bet, I would've won. Caruso is already telling the press that LaBeouf "really wants to do" Y: The Last Man. Lucky for Caruso, the kid never commits to too many projects in advance and only has the Transformers sequel on his plate, which he is shooting right now. The film is set for a 2010 release and shooting begins next January.

Does LaBeouf's name attached make you want to see it more?
Who would you cast as the last man on Earth?

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