Sunday, July 20, 2008

TV: "Friday Night Lights" Fall 2008 Season Spoilers

Brace yourself "FNL" fans. As is the common trend these days, the series will jump ahead 8 months for the new school year and Dillon, Texas will appear topsy turvy.

+ Let's start off with the fact that Tami will become the school's new principal. If being a counselor caused tension between her and the coach, this will surely give one of them a heart attack.

+ Tim and Lyla are now in a serious relationship. "It's one thing to have this passionate, secret relationship, but once they're in a real relationship, they see how different they are. They're completely an odd couple." Apparently, Lyla wants him to become a better version of himself and maybe go to college and get a job. Is it just me or is she asking for a bit too much? I think asking him to drink maybe only two beers a day--as opposed 12--is the best she can hope for.

+ Tyra has an epiphany and realizes that Landry isn't really her Prince Charming. I guess that whole knight-in-shining-armor bit wore thin after she realized he was still a dork--a cute and funny dork, but a dork nonetheless. Naturally, Landry isn't too pleased about this, and he won't be anymore excited when he meets her new guy, a rodeo star who's friends with Tim's brother. Now, HE sounds like Prince Charming--the Texan version anyway.

+ Matt and Julie will try to be friends. Why? Who likes that girl anyway? I think the best thing that could've happened to her was if the tornado had picked her up and taken her away. Thankfully though, he'll also revive his friendship with Landry. Now that they're both girlfriendless, they can be dorks full-time. Poor Matty's going to need all the support he can get since a freshman quarterback has just joined the school and he might become first string, which would suck since it's Matt's senior year. Honestly, sweetie just apply to an art school and coast through your last year. Take a chill pill. You've been living a hard life.

+ Last, but not least...while Smash and Jason get heart-felt farewells, Santiago (the Hispanic thug Buddy "adopted") and Chris (Lyla's Christian boyfriend) won't return at all. I hope they at least say that Santiago graduated or moved to Mexico to be with his family or something. I hate it when characters randomly disappear.

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