Friday, July 25, 2008

TV: Jon Heder "Woke Up Dead" online

Jon Heder is starring in the zombie comedy "Woke Up Dead," where a college student wakes up underwater in his bathtub and assumes that he's...well, dead. The catch is that the TV series will be online in 50 3-minute episodes.

Stan Rogow, Brent Friedman and Jeff Sagansky's Electric Farm production company are the masterminds behind this venture. Their first online drama was an animated series called "Afterworld." It was about a technological apocalypse, where nearly 99% of the world's population is vaporized and all of technology has malfunctioned.

They also have an NBC Internet sci-fi series lined up called "Gemini Division," starring Rosario Dawson. It's about a detective who stumbles upon a conspiracy when she investigates the murder of the mysterious man (Justin Hartley from "Smallville") she fell in love with while undercover.

While Heder's project sounds pretty funny and Dawson's sounds fairly interesting, I can't help but wonder if studios plan on using the web as a viable platform for scripted entertainment--not recycled material handed from friend to friend, but scripted shows. I think after the writer's strike, at least comedians have realized that there's another medium to disseminate their jokes, i.e. Romany Malco.

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