Wednesday, July 23, 2008

TV: USA network's 3 new pilots & series renewals

Here's a list and brief summary of three new shows on the USA network:

+ "Covert Affairs": a CIA linguist is partnered with her engaged ex-boyfriend, who dumped her back when he was secretly joining the agency--sparks fly.

+ "Operating Instructions": an inner-city female surgeon home from Iraq must now battle the bureaucratic bullshit of present day health care systems, while saving lives.

+ "Stiffs": a fast-talking salesman is forced to give up his profession when he becomes a single dad. In order to maintain a healthy relationship with his daughter, his genius brother gets him a job transporting bodies to the morgue on the night shift. But because of his brother's suspicions that some of the "accidental deaths" are actually murders, they begin to investigate the cases themselves. It's written by the same guys who are doing "Burn Notice" (Craig O'Neill and Jason Tracey). They probably noticed how much fans enjoyed Michael's interactions with his brother Nate when they worked on cases together.

Renewed: "In Plain Sight" and Debra Messing's "Starter Wife" (returns Oct. 10th).

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