Sunday, August 10, 2008

FILM: Box Office Results - 8/8/08

The Dark Knight conquers the box office for the fourth week in a row, amassing $441 mil domestically. But Pineapple Express did manage to debut at #2 with $22 mil. I plan on seeing it this Tuesday, when the theaters have thinned out. After reading the August issue of GQ, where Judd Apatow described the film by saying, "In my head, it is clearly a story of how pot leads to Asian gangs trying to murder you,” and Seth Rogen said, “To us it was a movie about business associates who are trying to figure out whether or not they’re friends apart from the business," I'm even more interested. At #3 is the ever-resilient despite horrifically bad reviews The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor with $71 mil.

Meanwhile, the other contender for the weekend, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2, came in at #4 with $11 mil, which is a little more than they made opening weekend the first time around. I thought the film was pretty good and definitely a tear jerker. I should've brought a towel instead of a sweater--practically had to ring it out in the bathroom. Tibby was her usual anti-social, commitment-phobic self; Lena was stuck in a sexy love triangle; Carmen was the poster child for girl power; and Bridget emptied tear ducts. My only gripe was the lack of interesting hot guys. Kostos (Michael Rady from "Swingtown") played backseat to some unromantic "artist" named Leo (Jesse Williams) and Carmen fell for some wannabe actor named Ian (Tom Wisdom who looks like a young Dougray Scott, which is surprising since he's actually 35, not 20) who was supposedly out of her league. Why? Because he was British? If it wasn't for Brian McBrian's (Leonardo Nam) comedic moments and impressively patient behavior with Tibby, the romantic side of the film would've been a wash. Recently, I've grown fascinated with the "trivia" section of and it's nuggets of knowledge. For example, did you know that Hilary Duff was interested in playing the role of Tibby at one point? That would've ruined the movie for sure--I don't like my Duff with a side of angst.

Step Brothers rounded out the top 5 with $81 mil. Mamma Mia! has finally reached triple digits with $104 mil at #6. Journey to the Center of the Earth takes a different journey...towards the exit with $82 mil at #7. Hancock slowly begins its retirement at #8 with $222 mil. Swing Vote slides down from #6 to #9 with $12 mil. Wall-E is finally on its way out at # 10 after 7 weeks with $213 mil worldwide--surprisingly only grossing $3 mil abroad. Space Chimps dropped out of the top 10 with $25 mil along with The X-Files: I Want to Believe, which got kicked to the curb with $20 mil. The indies Bottle Shock debuted with $295,000 and Elegy with $102,000--both garnering mixed reviews.

Next weekend, the ridiculously funny Tropic Thunder will hit theaters like a mack truck. Star Wars: The Clone Wars, the animated sequel/prequel--what is it called when it takes place in between sequels?--will appease comic con fans who are jonesing for a little Jedi action. Woody Allen's latest film Vicky Cristina Barcelona will mostly pull in viewers for its scandalous content and sultry actors. And Mirrors will provide some terror to horror-free theaters.

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