Sunday, August 03, 2008

FILM: "I Am Legend" prequel & "Inside Man" sequel

Francis Lawrence is gearing up for a prequel to last year's blockbuster I Am Legend. While I didn't watch the film, I think it's kind of weird--knowing how it ended--to explore Will Smith's character any further. The dystopian portion of the film takes place three years after the epidemic spreads, and the prequel will happen earlier. But I was under the impression that, you know, nothing interesting happened in those three years, which is why the film's action was set in that year. I really don't get where Lawrence could go with this, unless they involve other characters who were trying to survive. But, of course, they won't want to exclude their cash-cow Smith, so that's unlikely.

There are also talks for a sequel to the critically lauded Inside Man. If you remember, Clive Owen's character gets away scot-free after performing a very clever bank heist, leaving Denzel Washington with his jaw hanging open. So what exactly will it be about? First off, most of the main players will return, (Jodie Foster, Chiwetel Ejiofor, and director Spike Lee), except for William Dafoe, who played the captain, and Christopher Plummer, who played the rich douche bag. The film will take place three or four years after the original heist, and will open with Washington going to Riker's Island to ask Owen for help. He needs an insider's eye for a bloody robbery he's investigating that involves Eastern European gangsters. No worries, they'll use a flashback to explain how Owen ends up in jail and how he becomes Washington's last resort. It sounds fairly interesting.

Which second installment are you most excited to see?

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