Friday, August 08, 2008

FILM: Max Thieriot is a "Prodigy"

It's been four years since Max Thieriot starred in his first film, Catch that Kid. During those years, his co-stars Corbin Bleu and Kristen Stewart found fame--Bleu in High School Musical and Stewart in the upcoming Twilight--so it's about time he got his due.

Having co-starred in The Pacifier, Nancy Drew, and Jumper, the 19-year-old has had his shot at commercial stardom, but has never officially made a lasting impression...until now apparently.

Thieriot recently scored the lead role in Dave Kalstein's novel adaptation Prodigy, where he'll play "a rebellious student at an elite boarding school producing world leaders with the help of pharmaceuticals. Three days before graduation, several of its alumni are murdered, and William is implicated. As the school valedictorian investigates William, the two eventually become reluctant allies and targets while uncovering a conspiracy behind the crimes."

It sounds fairly interesting and could become even more so with the likes of Chuck Russell (The Scorpion King and The Mask) directing.

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