Sunday, August 24, 2008

FILM: Tom Cruise could be a "Sleeper"

The DC Comic Sleeper, written by Ed Brubaker, is being adapted into a fim by Sam Raimi. While it is interesting that the recently redeemed Tom Cruise is attached, what is actually the eye-popping factoid in this news update is the comic's plot.

It's about "an operative whose fusion with an alien artifact makes him impervious to pain and allows him to pass it on to others through skin contact." I thought that this quick synopsis meant that this hero could spread his power, making others "impervious to pain" as well. But in actuality, what he spreads is the pain. He stores it and then passes it onto someone else.

The reason why this was done to him was because the government agency he works for wanted to send him on an undercover mission to infiltrate a criminal organization run by a man named Tao. But, of course, once he rises in the ranks, he falls for one of his fellow evildoers, named Miss Misery, and befriends the bulletproof thug Genocide Jones and a trusted ally named Peter Grimm. Much like The Departed, once his gov't boss, Lynch, falls into a coma, he loses his untainted identity and starts to question which side is actually in the right.

Once Tao discovers his true identity, he convinces him to essentially turn to the dark side. After he agrees, Lynch comes out of the coma and tries to bribe him to defect with the promise that he would get the alien who provided the artifact to rid him of his cursed power. Seeing that both sides want him badly, he attempts to play them against each other and figure out a way to live happily ever after with Miss Misery.

It could be visually enticing.

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