Sunday, August 03, 2008

TRAILER: Sex Drive

Normally, teen comedies with unestablished actors aren't worth watching. But you can tell that these boys at least have a future in the business. Newcomer Josh Zuckerman ("Kyle XY") and Michael Cera's comedy partner Clark Duke (Dale on "Greek") play best friends who go on a road trip to meet Zuckerman's internet girlfriend (Katrina Bowden from "30 Rock"). Of course, he lied to her about what he looks like and...everything else. But he thinks that if he rolls up in his sports-loving brother's (James Marsden playing douche like he's never played before) car, he'll win her over instantly. I don't see this ending well. But it isn't about where their going, just how they get there. Apparently, there's an amish Seth Green involved. That alone is reason enough to at least watch the trailer. And if that really isn't enough, the last scene where a rent-a-cop tries to taser and mace Zuckerman while he's wearing a donut costume is just priceless.

Release Date: October 10th

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