Wednesday, August 13, 2008

TV: "Maid in Manhattan" film now an ABC series

When I studied abroad in Madrid my roommates and I had two DVDs at our disposal: "One Tree Hill" Season 2 and Maid in Manhattan. I watched that movie so many times that I convinced myself that Ralph Fiennes wasn't half bad. He was, trust me.

But never did I imagine that this film was perfect for being turned into a series. Then again I had my doubts about "Buffy, the Vampire Slayer," which were proven wrong, and "Mr. and Mrs. Smith," which is presently in development hell.

The 2002 rom-com, starring Jennifer Lopez, was about a, in Manhattan, who worked at a hotel as a cleaning lady, but had timid ambitions to be in the upper echelon of the staff. Her pushy best friend, who submits her application for a manager job, goads her into playing dress up with a rich person's ridiculously expensive clothing. Bam! The meet-cute. Her son, a disturbingly aware political junkee, eagerly introduces her to a Senatorial candidate that's staying at the hotel. Naturaly, he immediately falls madly in love with her. I'm sure, by now, you've guessed that he eventually discovers that she's some lowly, blue collar, poor person and accepts her for who she is...after a little hesitation.

The ABC series will take a page out of "Ugly Betty"s handbook and cast a young Latina from the Bronx in the lead. The character will still work at a Manhattan hotel and still have ambitions, but she won't fall head-over-heels for a politician. Instead, it'll just be an office-type scenario that focuses on her relationships with co-workers.

Now here's the kicker: Move over Selma Hayek, this was Lopez's idea and she's executive producing.

1) Are you gonna watch?
2) Which Latina actress do you want in the lead?
(It's too bad Ana Ortiz is already busy. Hmmm, cross over episodes?)

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