Saturday, September 27, 2008

CAST COUP?: Eva Longoria in "The Avengers"

Eva Longoria is pretty damn funny in "Desperate Housewives" (and is bound to get funnier now that she has two kids and no money), but it never seems to translate on the big screen. Both of her feature film comedies Over Her Dead Body and The Heartbreak Kid were butchered by critics and collectively ignored by moviegoers. You can't say comedy isn't her thing. It is her thing. Rent the box set, watch it on, or tune in on Sunday nights to see for yourself. But if you were to try and convince me that she could...I don't know, play one of the characters in the new The Avengers comic adaptation, it would be kind of hard.

Apparently, Longoria was spotted with a copy of the script and is suspected of being cast as "Janet Van Dyne (aka. The Wasp) a founding member and eventual wife of 'Ant-Man' Hank Pym." I'm not particularly a fan of The Avengers, but even I'm not so easily swayed by this casting choice--fanboys must be having a fit.

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