Sunday, September 28, 2008

TRAILER: Nothing Like the Holidays

Tyler Perry didn't exactly revolutionize the family dramedy by creating a film that centered on a non-white cast, but he did prove that audiences would watch such a movie, making it possible for a film like the Latino-centric Nothing Like the Holidays to exist.

With a Hispanic cast consisting of John Leguizamo, Freddie Rodriguez, Jay Hernandez, Alfred Molina, Luis Guzman, and Melonie Diaz (A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints), and Elizabeth Pena (Rush Hour). Straight out of Brooklyn, the Polish Debra Messing, playing Leguizamo's wife, and the Italian Vanessa Ferlito (Man of the House) round out the cast. They tell the story about a family that may be celebrating their last Christmas together because their parents are quite close to a divorce. You'll learn how to--as my mom would say--laugh in Spanish.

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