Saturday, October 18, 2008

TV Topic: True Blood's Addictions

In the wake of Gran's death, everyone's addictions came to light--and not just Jason's. It became quite clear that they all cling to something that keeps them steady, sometimes to their own detriment.

While at first it seemed Sookie was taking her grandmother's death calmly, she finally broke down when the town snoop tried to throw away Gran's leftover pie to make room for more food. Although she didn't say it out loud, she immediately desired Bill's consoling touch. Unfortunately, it seems he's paralyzed in the day time. But once night came, she satiated her hunger for his affections by finally consummating their love--vampire bite and all.

Tara sought consolation as Sam's arms. After her mom took to the podium to thank Gran for taking care of Tara when she was too drunk to, she asked Tara for thousands of dollars so that she can get a demon exorcised from her body. Hey, if there are vampires, I suppose there can be demon spirits. Whether or not there are any in her drunk ass, I don't know. But this seemed to be the final-final straw as Tara laughed her way out of the conversation and practially begged Sam to have sex with her to distract her from her thoughts. He, however, demanded to not have to keep it a secret this time and to be treated kindly, like he wanted a relationship. It would seem that he's desperate for any type of company, addicted to the caresses of a woman in a worst way than Jason (if that's imaginable). Meanwhile, Tara leaves right after the sex romp, rejecting Sam, and returning to her own addiction: her mom's emotional and physical abuse.

And last, but not least, the town addict Jason, proceeded to fall down the rabbit hole further as he popped V-patches onto his tongue like they were tic tacs or better yet like those dissolving Listerine squares. He couldn't take the grief or the rejection from his sister, who he slapped and blamed in a rage, so he self-medicated his emotions away. He's as pathetic as they come.

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