Wednesday, December 17, 2008

BUZZ: Lily & Rufus' Love Child on "Gossip Girl," "Smallville" 2009 preview, and more

• "Gossip Girl": I guess my question has been answered. According to the blogosphere, Lily didn't have an abortion, she gave up the child. Naturally, because it makes for a better plot. The poor little orphan will shake things up in April or May, and unfortunately for us, it's yet to be decided if it'll be a guy or a girl. Fingers crossed for a Serena part deux or even better...a guy that'll put Chuck's antics to shame. After all, we've already had a Georgina, it's time for the guys to show us what they're made of. Of course, we have to take into consideration that whoever this kid is, they're not exactly a kid, since Lily gave birth a few years before Serena, making the orphan either a college student or a recent graduate. Hmm. Let's just hope that whoever it is, they'll be more interesting than Aaron.

• "90210": Looks like Naomi will get over Ethan, and even her Latin lover, quick, since she's rumored to be getting a new love interest, played by Matt Lanter ("Heroes").

• "Greek": Just in case you were thinking that Calvin and his ex were getting back together, you might be sad (or happy) to learn that he'll be getting a hot new love interest as a roommate.

Lauren Graham ("Gilmore Girls") will be starring in the Broadway revival of Guys & Dolls.

• "Smallville": Lois and Chloe will switch places, which I love because it shows how great the actors are at imitating each other. EW's Ausiello has said: "In one scene from the ep, Clark stares lovingly into Chloe's eyes, but only because he thinks it's Lois. It's at that moment that Chloe learns how hard Clark has fallen for Lois." Doesn't that mean that Lois still won't learn he's in love with her? Ugh! They are driving me nuts.

Watch a preview of next year's "Smallville" season: