Sunday, December 14, 2008

TV: New "Cupid" Series Preview

Perhaps you once loved Bobby Cannavale on "Will & Grace" as Will's beau or on "Third Watch" in the late 90s, but you've certainly never seen him like this. Charged with the weighty task of filling Jeremy Piven's shoes, Cannavale must hone the charisma and energy of the demanding role of Trevor Hale, a guy who thinks he has to match up 100 romantic pairs in order to return to his rightful position as the God of Love. If done too campy, viewers will tune out quicker than they did with The CW's "Valentine, Inc.," "The Ex List," and countless others. But if he has the same chemistry with Sarah Paulson ("Studio 60"), as Piven had with Paula Marshall ("Gary Unmarried"), then it just might have a chance. Of course, it doesn't hurt that Rob Thomas is the one resurrecting his unjustly canceled 90s series. Now we'll just have to cross our fingers that it'll be given at least half a season before it's even considered for cancellation.

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