Friday, January 30, 2009

TV NEWS: Jon Hamm on "30 Rock," Lauren Graham to "Let it Go," and more

Watch a clip of Jon Hamm's ("Mad Men") guest spot on "30 Rock."

• CBS will react to the current political climate with three new dramas this fall. The first is centered on a team of federal prosecutors for Manhattan's U.S. Attorney's office. The second, "Back," is about a man who returns to his family after being reported missing for the last 8 years following 9/11. No word yet on whether he was involved in the tragedy or why he left in the first place, but there will surely be awkward moments as his family has moved on without him. Lastly, there's "Washington Field," a political drama that'll focus on an elite squad known as the National Capital Response, whose sole purpose is to respond to global events that concern the U.S. national interest. Zzzz.

• In the ABC comedy "Let it Go," Lauren Graham will play a romance advisor, who just got dumped by her perfect boyfriend. That sounds awfully similar to ABC's canceled series "Men in Trees." In it Anne Heche played a relationship expert who dumps her cheating fiancee. Maybe ABC thought that the Alaskan-based series was in possession of a great concept, but not a great location...or cast. I personally loved the cast, and Heche had amazing chemistry with James Tupper. Either way, I'm glad Graham has work, and I can't wait to see what kind of hijinks her newly jilted character gets into.

• ABC is also developing a slightly political drama called "I, Claudia." While the idea of "a young prosecuting attorney who, viewers learn, will one day be a contender for the presidency" sounds promising, the fact that what occupies her time during the series will be romantic entanglements is just condescending. If this were a man's journey to the White House, it would be filled with scandal, cover-ups, and...well, you get it.

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