Saturday, January 24, 2009

FILM: New in Theaters - 1/23/09

If you've seen Underworld and don't mind watching a movie you already know the ending to, then go right ahead and see Underworld: Rise of the Lycans. The first film was about the war between wolves and vampires, the second was about one wolf taking down a legion of vampires, and this one is about the werewolf revolution that freed them from their servitude. Rhona Mitra takes on the role that Kate Beckinsale usually has, playing the badass, hopelessly in love vampire who will go against her father's (Bill Nighy) wishes to be with the werewolf (Michael Sheen from Frost/Nixon) she loves.

If you have a love for literature and fantasy films, then the adaptation of Cornelia Funke's novel Inkheart is your best bet. It's the story of a girl (Eliza Bennett from Nanny McPhee) who "rallies her friends -- both real and imaginary -- to rescue her father (Brendan Fraser), a bookbinder who can bring characters to life by reading aloud, from the clutches of an evil-doer" (Andy Serkis from Lord of the Rings).

If in Phoenix, Arizona and you want to watch Mickey Rourke do what he does best--mutter threats in a baritone voice--then you HAVE to see Killshot. It's been backlogged for a very long time, but ever since Rourke's been on the Oscar train, he's garnered more pull to revive this adaptation of Elmore Leonard's novel. This dramatic thriller is about "a botched scam [that] sends an old-school hitman (Rourke) and a young stick-up kid (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) on a mission to find and kill an innocent couple (Thomas Jane from Punisher and Diane Lane) in order to protect their identities." Hopefully, it'll get a wide-release or at least a bi-costal release, so the rest of us can see it.

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