Thursday, January 01, 2009


I don't do reality shows and a lot have been victims of early-cancellation, so I've only chosen two:

CBS's "Worst Week"
Slapstick is a foolproof mechanism for amusing the masses. It’s how Jerry Lewis got his start and how Jim Carrey prevails every time. So it should’ve been no surprise to me that 30 minutes of non-stop clutzy behavior every week is just what CBS’s Mondays needed to top off their 2-hr night of comedy. Kyle Bornheimer is essential to the humor, but what’s most impressive is how the writers haven’t run out of humiliating situations yet. You’d think after the third episode of Sam failing yet again, the pattern of idiocy would lose its originality. Yet somehow, every week, he puts himself into a situation that any person could fumble, but he—without a doubt—will certainly destroy.

HBO's "True Blood"
Perhaps since CBS’s “Moonlight” was cancelled, I was in hot pursuit of a vampire-heavy replacement, but I wasn’t quite prepared for what I got. A series where the humans are as depraved and magical as the creatures that drive it is definitely something to tune in to. Examining prejudice and the psyche, while providing humor and sexuality, this supernatural dramedy has been the best blasphemous highlight of Sunday nights since “Desperate Housewives” first began.

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