Thursday, January 01, 2009


Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon
Geeks are notoriously anti-social, but none are as annoying as this egomaniacal, self-proclaimed scientific genius. Kanye West displays more modesty than he does. In every episode, he steals the spotlight with his unsolicited opinions and warped perspectives on life.
My favorite moment: It has to have been when he crashed Leonard’s date and proceeded to find the theater’s surround-sound sweet spot by making obnoxious sounds in different seats of the room.
Next year: I hope we start to explore his sexuality more, since he seems to attract women, but not be attracted to them. Hmm.

Gossip Girl’s Chuck
He’s really outdone himself this season. His abandonment issues coupled with the mounting emotions he has for Blair have given him the best scenes of the series, and more is yet to come. My favorite moment: It has to have been when Blair told him that she loved him and he it took all the strength he had to reject her through clenched teeth.
Next year: Since he’s already found the girl of his dreams, I hope he can find a real friend to trust. Perhaps even Dan, although a female bff might be interesting.

Gossip Girl’s Georgina
Oh the wicked witch of the Upper East. She made Blair seem like an angel and even made Chuck tremble in his knickers. With Serena kept under her thumb and Dan wrapped around her finger, she was the Queen of New York, until the Queen B dethroned her.
My favorite moment: I don’t really have one involving her, I just appreciated her tornado-effect on everything around her.
Next year: If she returns, I think she should target someone else. Maybe even Nate, putting her up against Vanessa, which should make for an interesting cat fight.

The New Adventure’s of Old Christine’s leading lady
Many mothers on TV are doting, generous, affectionate caretakers, but Christine is a neurotic slob and a shameless alcoholic—it’s nice that someone is standing up for the majority. Lol
My favorite moment: It's when she’s being incestuously affectionate towards her younger brother Matthew. It’s completely inappropriate, but undeniably funny.
Next year: I hope she starts to get more involved in her son’s life, from ruining his dates to giving tips on masturbation. Her untraditional parenting is like a manual for what not to do.

Life’s Charlie
He may be perceived as a flighty, playful nutjob, but underneath it all he’s a resilient, defiant, and concentrated mastermind. It’s like they say, it’s always the quiet ones—who eat fruit non-stop, live in furniture-less homes, and ask a barrage of existential questions—that you have to watch out for.
My favorite moment: It has to have been when he was visibly annoyed at learning that his niece/goddaughter had slept over at some wannabe musician’s apartment. Imagine if she were actually his daughter. His face would’ve turned a red that matched his hair.
Next year: I hope we get a little more organized insight into what he’s investigating and possibly a female interest that’ll drive him away from his ex-wife.

The Office’s Michael: When the series first started, he seemed like a needy, neglected nuisance, but as it has progressed, he’s become a more rounded character. We’ve started to understand his romantic logic and even pity him a bit.
My favorite moments: It had to have been his relationship with Holly, the solitary scene when he scolded his boss over the phone for taking her away from him, and, most recently, his attempt to admit Meredith into a rehab facility.
Next year: I hope Holly comes back to get married to him. I bet you a bajillion dollars that Andy and Dwight would mud wrestle to be his best man and somehow Jim would get the crowning glory, but in the final hour Ryan would have to end up doing it. But of course, he’ll flake, and Toby will be the last resort. Forget the wedding, that alone would be worth seeing.

30 Rock’s Liz Lemmon
I can no longer say her name normally after the episode that Oprah guest-starred in. All I hear is her imitation of what it would sound like if Oprah introduced her, “Liiiiz Lemoooooonnn!!!” It’s simple scenes and lines like that that make the series and highlight her versatility.
My favorite moment: It has to be the revelation that she was a geeky bitch in high school who bullied the popular kids, because that could actually happen.
Next year: I hope they spice things up, like having Liz hire more wacky writers or even endeavor to branch out by writing an autobiographical comedy sketch series that’ll open a Pandora’s box of humiliation.

Lipstick Jungle’s Victory
Even if the series has ended for good, her character’s presence has improved from the last season. She started out representing the late 20s females who are trying to score their dream jobs, dream guy, and dream bank account all at once. But it wasn’t until this season that she finally found a balance, where she could focus on herself instead of her career or romance or money.
My favorite moment: It was when she found confidence to shoot a semi-nude ad campaign for her linens line.
Next year: I hope they introduce the idea that perhaps she’s marrying too young and truly immerse her into the sometimes superficial and nitpicking world of fashion, complete with fashion spreads, more fashion shows, and schmoozing.

Fringe’s Walter
This series isn’t exactly raved about all over the blogs and people aren’t worshipping it like they do "Lost" or they did "Heroes," but there is one reason to tune in. It’s true, the female and male lead aren’t too bad to look at, but the real main attraction is the oldest member of the cast. Walter single-handedly amuses himself, the people around him, and, most importantly, us. He’s a scatter brained, genius-driven-mad with a warped value for life. But his comedy shtick never sullies the warm and touching moments between him and his son. He isn’t a side-show. He’s a pinball machine of emotions.
My favorite moment: It is when he says something seemingly insensitive yet quite necessary to have been said.
Next year: I hope they employ flashbacks to show what he was like before he was admitted into the insane asylum.

Desperate Housewives’ Bree
I know promoting alcoholism is wrong, but it has done wonders for her. Ever since Orson went to jail and she turned to the bottle for comfort and disillusionment, she’s been a whole lot more entertaining. She used to be reserved and restrained, and while she is still like that in the public eye, she no longer puts up that façade around the people she loves and trusts.
My favorite moment: It would have to be when she encouraged Andrew to go to whatever lengths he must to retrieve what could possibly be a sex tape of her and Orson. The old Bree would’ve never even admitted to it…let alone participated in it.
Next year: I hear she’s getting her own cooking show and it’ll be interesting to see how all the 24/7 criticism will affect her fragile psyche.

Ugly Betty’s Amanda
I’m glad they’ve finally amped up her story arc instead of keeping her on the sidelines for throwaway jokes interspersed between plot lines. She’s finally apart of Betty’s world. Last season she did have her father-finding mission, but it didn’t ring as true as her sudden poverty, her precarious position as a roommate or even as a potential best friend for Betty.
My favorite moment: It was when she made up for losing the rent money with a truly sincere gesture.
Next year: I hope they find her someone interesting to flirt with that has a juicy past.

Ugly Betty’s Mark: Betty wanting to breakout from under Daniel’s wing is to be expected, but Mark choosing to fly on his own, sans Wilhelmina, was an interesting twist. I guess it seemed logical, but they’re Mark-and-Wilhelmina. It’s like Rocky & Bullwinkle, Betty & Wilma, Lucy & Ethel—totally not as interesting when separated.
My Favorite moment: When Willy gave him the thumbs up to branch out on his own, I enjoyed their little Devil Wears Prada-moment.
Next year: Since most assistants of editors-in-chief are awarded a writing position after one year of enslavement, I hope—since Mark’s been enslaved for much longer—he gets to write his own column or maybe launch (or relaunch) the magazine’s website, with Betty as his number two. It’d be interesting to see how their visions mesh.

Grey’s Anatomy’s Alex
On any given day, he typically annoys me with his cocky bravado and misogynist perspective in the workplace. It’s one thing to think you’re the best, but it’s quite another to think it all has to do with your penis.
My Favorite moment: So needless to say, I’m overjoyed whenever this modern Neanderthal gets pumped full of estrogen and common sense. Last season, he fell apart in Izzie’s arms and this season, he won me over when he told her that he’ll be with her for as long as she wants him around, because he loves her. Way to grow a pair.
Next year: I hope he finds a medical niche, because I think having a specialty will ground him more, since Izzie’s about to rock his world with her sudden illness.

Grey’s Anatomy’s Christina: I’ll admit I have a thing for obnoxious characters, but that’s not why I love Christina. Her every movement and every choice is a collected decision, even if in everyone else’s eyes it seems absurd. I loved when she explained why she took her job so seriously by telling the story of the time she held her father’s chest closed and felt as his heart beat for the last time until the ambulance came. She is the embodiment of strength and persistence, and when she breaks, it’s with purpose.
My favorite moments: They involve her interaction with Owen. Whenever she looks at him, it’s as though she’s staring at an anomaly. She can’t quite figure him out and she doesn’t quite fear him, but like a child etching towards a petting zoo for the first time, she’s curious enough to dare to care about him.
Next year: I hope she starts to feel like she’s good enough, because more often than not I feel as though she’s trying to prove that she is.

Grey’s Anatomy’s Owen
Yes, he’s new blood and he hasn’t had a lot of screen time, but, unlike George O’Malley, what time he does have on screen is never wasted. He’s a man who seems solidified when under pressure, but the cracks show once he gets around Christina.
My favorite moments: When you can see it in his eyes how he’s slowly falling in love with her or at least growing attached.
Next year: Hopefully he’ll be around and if he is, here’s hoping a little more of his tumultuous past comes seeping through.

Smallville’s Lois: For many seasons, Clark was the only true hero, and the female characters were always in need of saving. Then the series started to become culturally accurate and the whole damsel-in-distress bit became modernized to the point where Lana stopped constantly screaming for help, Chloe manifested a power, and a stubborn and independent heroine appeared. Lois Lane was just what the series was missing. With her arrival, the legends of Superman started were used more and so the fun began.
My favorite moments: It's when she gets under Clark’s skin and makes him feel insecure. He’s invincible until he gets around her.
Next year: I hope she gets into more serious journalism and the Superman lore gets put into full effect.

Privileged’s Meagan
If it weren’t for her character, this series would be your average pity-the-rich dramedy. Centering the story around an intelligent and modest spaz with mile-a-minute diatribes and a grounded sense of morality provides just the right amount of contrast to the life of the rich and aimless.
My favorite moments: It's when she obsesses to the point of ranting and over analyzing everything.
Next year: If it’s still around, I hope she is more into following her dream.

Burn Notice’s Michael
Reluctant heroes are always easy to love, because even though they wish they didn’t have to do all the saving, they never shy away from a fight.
My favorite moment: Of course, the most interesting ones are when it’s clear that despite all of the covert training and years of being hardened by reality, something as harmless as a woman can throw him off his game. Naturally, I’m referring to Fiona, or Fi as we love to hear him call her.
Next year: I hope Fiona starts to move on and not just romantically, so that Michael can realize that his career isn’t the only thing that can change dramatically.

The Secret Life of an American Teenager’s Ricky
Tortured souls with legitimate reasons for being evil aren’t new to the teen genre (*cough* Chuck *cough*), but very few are as charming and effortlessly manipulative as this sex-craving juvenile delinquent.
My favorite moments: It's when he puts on his “Who? Little old me?” smile that convinces even the most level-headed of girls that he’s Prince Charming.
Next year: I hope he tells one of his many paramours about his childhood sexual abuse and grows more as a human being.

Pushing Daisies’ Olive
Even though the series is cancelled, I’ll never forget that spunky little sprite. She’s as passionate about detective work as she is about Ned, and her doe-eyed expressions of love are as cute as her mini-tantrums.
My favorite moments: It's when she tries to go undercover because she always ends up comically overdoing it. I hope in the comic series that will erupt from its demise, they let her in on the secret and we get let in on more of her past.

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