Friday, January 09, 2009

VIDEO: "Dear Gossip Girl" by Southern Mothers & Matt Pearson

This is incredibly funny. Only a true "Gossip Girl" fan could understand all of the references:

Lyrics About...
• Blair: "I bet you three Dorota's/I can make you happy/bake you pumpkin pies sweeter/than two French pappies"
• Yale dean: "If I could dine/with anyone/alive or dead/it would be with you"
• Jenny: "You can be my plus one/at the Vitamin Water party"
• Nate: "Nate Archibald's/a gigolo/for Catherine the Lady/she's got more libido/than Agnes got crazy"
• Serena: "Da Vinci is prouder of/Serena's mammary/than Nelly Yuki's grandad/is proud of his family"
• Chuck & Blair: "So tell me GG/three words, eight letters/wanna be your rock, girl/be your steps at the Met-ters"
• Eric: "I'm getting drunk off your gossip/so I see double you/the Ostroff center/won't even treat my heartache"

Lyrics by Southern Mothers
Music by Doug Fischer
Directed by Rakesh Baruah

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