Tuesday, February 10, 2009

NYC Comic Con 2009: FOX's "Fringe"

William Bell, Walter's mysterious ex-partner, is apart of the show. He has been since the pilot. We may have met him already.
There's more than one Observer, the man who appears at every crime scene. They'll soon realize that they've already met another one. The observer is not an alien. "The one choice we made is that the show will not be about aliens," because "X-Files" did a great job of it already.
Before the end of the season, we'll learn what trouble Peter is in.
We're going to meet Agent Charlie and Broyles' families.
When someone asked if Peter was apart of the pattern, writer Jeff Pinker said, "Everything is."

Panel notes
• They started with the ending, so they know what the series finale will be.
Joshua Jackson tracks the show's cases on a flow chart at home. "I'm such a nerd. I'm an actor with a flow chart." He also responded to a fan who screamed out that he had the script for Mighty Ducks 4 by saying, "I can be Bombay this time."
• FOX spent a lot of time and effort trying to get the Observer on the platform of the inauguration, but they could only get him on the sidelines of the Super Bowl. lol

Pinkner reveals the importance of the codes and clues within the show:

Jackson describes how grossed-out he was by the eyeball scene from Episode 2, "The Same Old Story":

Then the rest of the cast joins in on listing their gross-out moments:


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