Monday, February 09, 2009

NYC Comic Con 2009: Nicholas Cage's "Knowing"

Knowing is a supernatural conspiracy thriller about a list of numbers found in a time capsule buried fifty years ago. It seems like the numbers are dates, latitude & longitude, and the amount of casualties for every major catastrophe that’s happened in the last fifty years and that will happen in the future. After the son of Nicholas Cage’s character John Koestler brings the list home, he feels compelled to uncover the mystery behind the numbers.

Notes from Clips Shown:
• There’s something called the whisper people. They’re spying on his son and they might know what’s going on.
• In one scene, a plane crashes near the traffic-jammed highway. I thought they were just going to show the plane hit the ground and Koestler’s facial expression, but instead they showed a graphic one-take of Koestler walking through the wreckage, trying to help the injured. The surviving passengers were screaming as they stumbled around while on fire. He was in such shock that he didn’t move as quickly as he needed to, but did manage to put out a few people before the paramedics arrived. It was the worst plane crash scene I’ve ever watched, even worse than the one that started off “Lost.”
• In another scene, there was a highly disturbing train crash that made me not want to watch the film...before I hop a train back home. Koestler tries to prevent it, but the police don’t clear out the train station, they just send more cops to the scene. A north bound train collides with a stationary south bound train, because it jumps the track due to an electrical spark that changes the track path. It slices through the stationary train, jumps onto the platform, bowls over pedestrians and splatters them onto the front of its windshield. I swear to you, it’ll have you gripping your arm rest and shaking with dread.

RELEASE DATE: March 20th

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