Monday, February 09, 2009

NYC Comic Con 2009: The Hurt Locker & Astro Boy

They showed a 12-minute scene where we’re introduced to Jeremy Renner’s rebellious character. He plays an Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) specialist, who disarms bombs that have been planted in civilian territory. He’s reckless and doesn’t listen to his authority figures. When told to give up on a particular car bomb that could wipe out a large radius, he continues to search for it anyway and even dares to remove the headphones he receives orders through.

I thought it looked interesting. There was use of guerrilla cameras as well as steady cams. It reminds me of a less stylized Black Hawk Down.

Watch a clip of Renner describing the complexity of his character:

Release Date: June 26th

All I gathered from the sneak peak was that there's a monster called the Peacekeeper, who can absorb technology and take on their properties. He even assimulates the shape of Metro City's skyline.
RELEASE DATE: October 23rd

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