Wednesday, March 04, 2009

BUZZ: "Mars" Canceled, "Gossip Girl" Returns, New Pilots Castings, and spoilers galore

• "Life on Mars" was canceled. I stopped watching a few weeks ago--it just needed to get to the lore already and stop stalling.

• "Gossip Girl": Watch a preview that includes what looks like Nate and Blair trying to make Chuck and Vanessa jealous by using each other. That can't be right...especially with Carter Baizen involved. From the episode synopsis that I read for March 16th's return, I've gathered that Blair and Dan have to perform in the play "The Age of Innocence," while Serena flirts with the director. Blair's still struggling to solidify her future plans, while Dan and Rachel struggle to avoid each other after their roll in the hay. Carter gets reintroduced when he helps out Chuck with his father's troubled past, and Nate goes to Blair for help resolving a Vanessa-issue. Also, the blogosphere is buzzing that Dan+Serena are kaput.

Autumn Reeser ("The O.C.") is joining "Entourage" as a new junior agent for Ari.

• "Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles": Cameron is hiding something from the team, and at some point she tells John that she loves him. (This bolsters my belief that John fell in love with his robot in the future, which is why he irrationally trusts her against the warnings of the other resistance members.) Also, Riley has a violent breakdown. Watch more spoilers.

• "Grey's Anatomy": Meredith gets to see her engagement ring, but it doesn't lead where it should. Owen falls further into the rabbit hole of his post-war trauma when he accidently hits Cristina. Um, I hope this isn't Rihanna-related. Lame!

• "Desperate Housewives": The ladies will go on a road trip to find Edie's 15-year-old son Travers and tell him...that she's dead.

• "Big Bang Theory": Penny starts dating one of the guys' geeky friends and Koothrappali will try his hardest to talk to women.

• "Dollhouse": On April 3rd, there'll be several flashbacks where we'll learn Echo's reason for joining the company.

• "Fringe": A main character is getting knocked up before the end of the season...with a twist. I bet it's something gross.

• "Heroes": Before the season is over, we'll get the inside scoop on Angela Petrelli's background, and three people will die and only one will be a fakeout (I don't think they mean Speedy). Also, you'll be happy to know that there'll be a season 4. In it, Claire has a major role and a new agenda. I guess she won't be leaving anytime soon despite reports of her desire to jump ship.

• "Bones": Booth pulls an Izzie and starts hallucinating because of a major illness. It's possible that he imagines having sex with Brennan...or maybe not, since Brennan wants to have a kid. Also, Zach will be in the season finale.

• "How I Met Your Mother": Something big happens in the season finale between Barney and Robyn.

• Another "Lipstick Jungle" cast member gets another gig. It's not looking good for the flailing NBC series that's supposedly not canceled yet. Andrew McCarthy was just cast as Lily's dad, a music company executive, in the "Gossip Girl" spinoff. I bet he never thought he'd be returning to the 80s.

Erika Christensen ("Six Degrees") returns to TV for NBC's "Parenthood." She'll play "a go-getting corporate attorney having trouble jumping off the fast track and becoming more involved with her family."

Madchen Amick ("My Own Worst Enemy" and "Gossip Girl") and Ryan Devlin ("Big Shots" and "Veronica Mars") are joining ABC's cop comedy "The Law," which also stars Cedric the Entertainer. Amick will be a "soccer mom-turned-reservist" and Devlin will be a rookie.

• If you love the Izzie-ghost storyline on "Grey's Anatomy," then you'll love Stuart Townsend's return to television after his 2006 flop "Night Stalker." He's joining FOX's "Maggie Hill," a medical drama about a brilliant surgeon with schizophrenia (Christina Cole from "Lost in Austen" and Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day), where he'll play her imaginary boyfriend.

• If you wish that John (Mark Valley from "Keen Eddie") on "Fringe" got more airtime, then maybe you'll watch his new FOX drama, "Human Target." I'm really digging the concept. He plays a "mysterious freelancer who offers a unique form of security for hire: He assumes the identities of people in danger, becoming the 'human target' on behalf of his clients." Come on? That's cool. Jackie Earle Haley (Rorschach in Watchmen) will play his information gatherer and Chi McBride ("Pushing Daisies") will play his business partner.

• Scott Wolf will star in ABC's remake of the campy '80s drama "V." He'll play "Chad Decker, an Anderson Cooper wannabe who is tapped by the Visitors to disseminate their propaganda to the masses."

Eddie Cibrian will star in CBS' drama pilot "Washington Field."

Dania Ramirez ("Heroes") and Brad William Henke ("October Road") have found new homes on an ABC drama about a cop (James Wolk from Front of the Class) who solves crimes with the help of his 11-year-old brother.

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  1. It's about time they had a John Conner/Cameron love story happen!